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A Collaborative Apprenticeship Multistrategy Learning Approach
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Knowledge Acquisition Area

Project Description

Within the knowledge acquisition area of the High Performance Knowledge Base project, we propose to develop advanced knowledge acquisition technology based on apprenticeship multistrategy learning and agent-assisted collaboration. This technology will be implemented into a Collaborative Knowledge Acquisition Toolkit (KA Toolkit) that consists of a collection of integrated tools for KB translation, browsing and editing, rule learning, KB refinement, exception handling, and collaboration management. A short (one viewgraph) summary of the main features can be found in Summary. A detailed description of our approach can be found in our Technical Proposal. The project began in April 1997 and is expected to run through September 2000. Go to Results and Schedule to see a list of the main expected results of this research and when they will be achieved. Finally, we expect to see some Significant Accomplishments by the first and third year anniversaries of the HPKB project start date.


Results for the COA Challenge Problem

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